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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Random Things About Me

My full name is William Irvin Dawson...I rest in Harlem...I like Brooklyn better, so if there's ever a war, you know which side I'm on...I'm left-handed, which doesn't necessarily make me smart...but I hear that I am. LOL...I grew up in Queens, giving me the NYC living trifecta...I love pasta...Especially lasagna...And while we're on the subject of food, if a female knows how to make GOOD banana pudding, I will marry her. Unless there's a tie. Then we can hold a contest. I'm not kidding...Hi. My name is Will, and I'm a Yankee fan...And a Laker fan. (Although I need to ask...can I like the team and HATE the best player?)...I like the Jets. And Steelers. Football season...catch it...I'm a writer...I've been published...And it feels great to see your name in print. Feels even better to see mine. ;)...I chew my tongue while I'm writing. Nervous energy...Nothing feels better than just after you get a haircut. Seriously, it feels great...I have a female barber...Every time I go see said barber (and I couldn't make this up), she asks how I want my hair. And I go every other week. I seriously doubt her clientele list is that vast that she can't remember how I want my hair! (oh, sorry...venting.)...I have one sister...I have one niece (who's older than me), one nephew, one great-nephew and one great-niece...I have no faith in the ability of my fellow Americans to pick a suitable leader...I wonder if there ARE any suitable leaders...I love ice cream, but can't eat it...I work for a non-profit...I've met Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee...I love Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee...I'm scared almost to death of Nick Ashford...I have crushes on Shon Gables and Jill Scott...I've met Deborah Cox and my first words to her were, "I like your stuff..."That was it...I love poetry but am not a poet...I would marry a poet if she moved me enough...I get tired of people pretty quickly...Especially if they are ignorant or have no common sense...I'm pretty impatient...I am NOT celibate...My favorite smell is peach...My favorite color is orange...I'm moody...I like The West Wing...I once stayed home for two straight days and watched the complete second season of the show...I was a Fame fan, too...I love music...I love Black women...I once submitted a form to the show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy so that I could get a free makeover...My favorite number is 3...I'm not a fan of cold weather, which makes sense, living in New York...I am God-fearing...I haven't handled past relationships the best...I do want to have children...Oh, and be married when I do...I miss my dad...I love The West Wing & NYPD Blue...seriously, if you want to surprise me and get to my heart, those two series on DVD would go a longggggg way...I'm becoming attached to Law & Order...It took me 15 years...LOL...I've been proposed to twice...I'm addicted to blogging...I have to get back in shape...My favorite word this week is 'Yeah'...I'm kinda shy...for real...
{this list is forever random...And incomplete...}

posted by Will at 7:43 AM
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Blogger love hater commented at 7:36 PM~  

Hello Will. Nice to meet you. Just wanted to stop by to thank you for the positive affirmation. Be blessed.

Blogger TheBlackNewYorker commented at 1:21 AM~  

Will, is this your evil twin writing? LOL.
Well, anyway, I loved the random thoughts. I'll try it one day. You've inspired me.

Blogger Zantiferous3 commented at 2:50 PM~  

Ahhh, another New Yorker... you rest in Harlem...well I'm extremely jealous!!! I'm from the Bronx but always, always, always wanted to "rest" in Harlem. Alas, I took the 6 train a few more stops North. What can ya do? I hear that "other" people have been crossing the great divide of 103rd and EVEN 110th Street??? Wow. That would be a sight to see - a white guy in docksiders shopping at The Mart. Hmmmm... Serious Question: Do they call it the Upper East/West Side? Because you know that Riverdale (to them) is NEVER the Bronx. LOL

A word of advice, don't take the Chinse food, pizzerias, bagels and delis for granted!!! Believe me they are priceless!!! =)))

I make GREAT banana pudding and SLAMMING lasagna... but I'm already married. Want me to share my recipes with anyone?? Just let me know, I'd be happy to!!! =)))

Blogger Beloved commented at 4:24 PM~  

This is funny! I've been reading you for a while and this is the first time that I've ever clicked on this post. We have SO much in common! Like Xquizzyt said, I also make a slamming lasagna and banana pudding (just let me know if you want me to share that recipe w/ a special someone

Oh, and WHY were you talking about Nick Ashford back in 2004????? He must have REALLY scarred you for life! LMAO!!!!!!!!!

Blogger justlilolme commented at 7:56 PM~  

wow - nice to run across you again online mr. dawson. this is kira - from the "chanay & kira" fame of yesteryear...

it was wonderful to get a chance to think about the old days in your writing - from Laces on down the line... you are very talented and i hope all is well and i wish you much success in your endeavors.

taking time out tonight to think back on the good old days & missing them big time...

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